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Cannabis and Hemp

Cannabis and hemp: it has been a hotly debated topic over the past couple of years. Still, both terms are being used interchangeably. Therefore, we are happy to provide you with some explanations. In case you still have questions after reading this page, please let us know. Information on CBD can be found on this page


In order to explain our products to you, we should start at the core. All products sold by HMPS. are, either directly or indirectly, connected to the hemp plant. Hemp is part of the Cannabis Sativa L. family, similarly to weed or marijuana that is being used for recreational purposes. Nevertheless, the plants must not be confused. Whereas industrial hemp contains a very low amount of THC (the psychoactive substance), the opposite is true for weed. In Europe, industrial hemp is being grown on a large scale, although the European Union only allows plants containing less than 0,2% of THC.

Moreover, hemp is a perfect example for sustainability, as every component of the plant can be utilized.


The seeds of hemp plants are highly nutritious and contain many beneficial substances, including:

  • Exogenous proteins. These proteins are only found in nutrition.
  • Omega 3, 6 and 9. Although most people associate these omega's with fish, they are also present in hemp seeds.
  • Vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B3 and B6
  • An enormous amount of fiber. 


The plant's stem contains a large quantity of fiber. At the end of the nineteenth and twentieth century, hemp was cultivated to produce textile. With the rise of new types of textile, hemp fiber is now primarily being used for rope and canvas in ships. Yet, hemp textile slowly regains popularity, as it can be grown sustainably and it lasts long.