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HMPS. & Sustainability

At HMPS. we consider it self-evident that personal wellness goes hand in hand with the well-being of the world around us. We regard hemp a driver of the sustainable revolution. Not only can all parts of the plant be used, cultivating the hemp crop can be done in a way that respects the environment. Read more about our journey towards sustainability.

Duurzaamheid HMPS.

Sustainable products

The products we offer are naturally sustainable. For example, did you know that hemp plants require much less water than most other crops? At HMPS. in addition to CBD oil and balm, we also want to offer other products from the hemp plant in the future. Think for example of textiles. By striving to use 100% of the plant, we as HMPS. nothing is lost. 

In addition, our suppliers have been carefully selected. We think it is important that no animal products are used and therefore only work with vegetable and organic products. Quality is also very important. This is reflected in the fact that our suppliers produce according to European guidelines. Finally, we will do everything we can to make the entire chain more sustainable, together with our partners. As a customer you can count on a purchase from HMPS. is a conscious choice and the earth remains a pleasant place.

Shipping our products

We understand better than anyone that a webshop offers advantages, but certainly also disadvantages. Our products all need to be shipped and packed. These are all trips that leave an ecological footprint. HMPS. is always looking for the distribution partner that ensures as little pollution as possible and that quality is of paramount importance. Where possible we try to keep the number of movements to a minimum. 

What we actually do ourselves? Firstly, we limit the use of (plastic) packaging. Our products are delivered as they are: no-nonsense and without unnecessary added materials. And our shipping boxes will always be made from recycled cardboard. Moreover, you will not receive a paper invoice with your order. This may seem like a small effort, but in the long term we will save a lot of paper in this way. 

Recycling HMPS. products

We believe that you should be aware of the things you have. When your bottle is empty, try thinking about another application of this. Maybe it will come in handy in the kitchen or you can turn it into a decoration piece.