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About us

Who are we? 
HMPS. is a young and ambitious company, located in the beautiful province of Zeeland. The company is managed by Walter and Joshua. 
What are we doing here?
During our student days, we noticed that there are many CBD products on offer, yet it is very difficult to find out where it comes from, what it does and how good the quality is. We wanted to change this with our no-nonsense approach. Through direct and personal contact with our supplier (s) we can offer you a beautiful product of which we are sure that the quality is simply very high.
We are always open to new ideas and our offer is certainly not yet complete. Of course you know better what you are looking for than we do. We would love to hear it when you miss something or when you think something can be done better. You as a customer are central and your opinion is the most important thing for us. In addition, we like to work with creative thinkers who want to create beautiful new products, together with us.
We hope to offer you a nice product that you can rely on. If you have a question or comment about one of our products, you can always contact us. We just appreciate that!
Are you enthusiastic about our product? Great! Share it with us and the rest of your friends and family. Because everyone deserves nature's best!
Walter about Joshua
I met Joshua during our master study Management and Economics at the University of Antwerp. He came across as a social and driven person. Only with his enormous amount of energy and result-oriented mindset, you can you do a master, work and maintain good relationships. I think he is a very social guy who can drink a beer with everyone. He is honest and straightforward. The only thing he sometimes has trouble with is finding a balance in all the things he wants and can do. In addition to being an ambitious companion, he also is a good friend!
Joshua about Walter
Walter is such a typical, sweet Dutch boy. His humor is dry, which I really like. Besides, he is very loyal. Something I really appreciate in him. We can make good agreements and we like to work together to achieve our goal: to make people happy with products we believe in. Where I sometimes want to go a step too fast, Walter can call me back to order.