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Hemp products: the lab results

Why do we share the test results of our CBD products?

Transparency is key to us. Unfortunately, many products offered on the CBD market do not contain the CBD that is promoted on their labels. Therefore, you will find our lab reports on this page. This way, you know exactly what you buy.


Product Batch Report
CBD oil 5% 5103 Report of analysis CBD oil 5% 
CBD oil 10% 5104 Report of analysis CBD oil 10%
CBD balm 1% 1B-RCV6-202005 Report of analysis CBD balm 1% 

Which amount of cannabinoids is found in my CBD product?

All the way to the left, you will find the cannabinoids that were included for testing. Please be aware of CBD and THC (the psychoactive component). It may occur that a very small amount of THC was found in your product. However, you can always be confident that these levels are so minimal that it won't have an impact on your body at all.

In the second column, you find the actual test results. These results equal the percentages found in your CBD oil. In many cases, the results indicate <LOQ. This means that a cannabinoid is so limitedly available that its presence can be neglected.

When you have additional questions after reading these reports, please let us know!