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CBD oil at HMPS.

Do you want to buy products based on CBD, but are you not exactly sure what CBD is, where it comes from, and what the effects are? On this page, we are happy to explain it to you. 

What is CBD?

CBD is among the best known active substances found in the cannabis plant. Yet, it is important not to confuse CBD with THC. While CBD has a calming effect, THC is mostly known for its psychoactive effects. Within the cannabis plant, 104 more active ingredients can be found. Even though we don't know much about each of these components, we are convinced that CBD is the most interesting substance.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil, or CBD oil, basically consists of two basic components: CBD and an oil. First, a gold paste of CBD is derived from the hemp plant. Thereafter, the paste is mixed together with oil, making it easy to ingest the oil. Hemp oil by HMPS. contains oil made of hemp seeds. In the future, more alternatives may become avaible, including olive oil and coconut oil.

Altogheter, the composition of CBD oil is rather easy to understand. However, the oil is sold in many forms and concentrations. The higher the percentage on the label, the more CBD the product contains. At HMPS. we offer two options: CBD oil of 5% and CBD oil of 10%. The first oil is suitable for the beginning user, whereas the second option is best for the more experienced user. 

Production of CBD oil

The hemp we process in our products is sourced from certified growers located in the United States en Europe. Here, hemp is grown with the highest care. Following the harvesting, active substances including CBD have to be extracted from the flowers. This can be done in several ways: 

  • Critical CO2 extraction. By raising the air pressure of carbon dioxide, the characteristics of this substance changes. Although carbon dioxide normally is a gas, it now takes a liquid form. Using this liquid, the CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. During the process, the temperature is left unchanged. Because of this, no component of the cannabis plant is lost. This method is applied to our balms. 
  • Extraction by resolving CBD in oil. First, the flowers are being removed from the plant. Hereafter, they are cooked in oil. As a consequence of the high temperature, all other components are lost. All that remains is a pure paste of CBD. This method is applied to our oils.
  • Extraction by resolving CBD in alcohol. This is a rather cheap and simple means to extract CBD and other substances. First, the flowers of the hemp plant are soaked in alcohol. Then, the alcohol is evaporated and a past of CBD remains. Unfortunately, most of the active ingredients are lost during this process.

What are the effects of CBD?

As described above, CBD is mostly known for its calming effects. Science teaches us that CBD has positive effects when experiencing pain and sleeping problems. Although we are not obliged to make any medical claims, we can forward you to several interesting studies into CBD and cannabis. 

How do I know that a product is of high quality?

On our page with lab results, you can find the batch numbers of our hemp products. This batch number is displayed on the label of your product as well. You can trust that the outcomes as presented in the lab report equal the CBD content in your oil or balm. Tests are always performed by independent labs. Whenever you still have questions before purchasing hemp oil, we are happy to answer them. Please see our contact details

How to use HMPS. CBD products?

CBD can be used in several ways.


You can ingest the hemp oil by placing several drops under the tongue. Wait a minute before swallowing, in order for the mucous membranes to absorb the CBD. After the minute has passed, you may rinse with water. It usually takes half an hour before it starts working. The effective period can last up to 8 hours. 

At HMPS. we understand that the taste of hemp oil is not everyone's favorite. Therefore, we choose for a variant on the basis of hemp seed oil. This oil has a rather neutral, though nutty taste. After swallowing the oil, you can drink some juice to disguise the taste.

Apply to the skin

Our CBD balm can be applied to the skin. It is important to rub until the CBD has been fully absorbed. As balm by HMPS. contains Shea Butter, it is easy to apply. Since CBD balm is applied directly on the skin, its advantages are mostly local.